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The property is situated in the Baixo Alentejo, near Entrances, county of Castro Verde, district of Beja. Inserted in a special protection zone (ZPE de Castro Verde), it is classified as ÔÇťconservation of steppe birdÔÇŁ, namely birds in extinction as is the case of Bustard. In addition to this framework, it is relevant that the candidature in the municipality of Castro Verde has been approved by the Unesco Biosphere Reserve.

Monte Vale was built from scratch in 1929 by the Matos family and underwent a major refurbishment in the course of 2011.

The property has about 150 ha and is certified in organic production mode (Bio), conserving the whole rural environment, circumscribed by fields of cereals and cattle of the ovine breed. It also has beautiful landscapes and in its surroundings stands out the spectacular dam populated by several water birds and fish (black bass).For guests who want to experience the true experience of day-to-day life in the countryside, Monte Vale invites you to participate in the farmÔÇÖs own activities.

It is a quiet place, ideal to enjoy nature and relax, very pleasant for those who want to get away from the stress of the day to day city life.

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